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Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 1

Type of Activity

Childrens Chaplains


Week 1 

Introduction to the course and the idea of Children's Chapiancy.

Week 1
Slide 1– Introductions from each school. JP to explain that we will meet one lunch time per week, on Zoom for 45 minutes. JP to introduce the role of Children’s Chaplain, without giving too much away! JP will meet with each school’s CC each week in their schools. Once the course has finished we will meet as a group on Zoom every 2 weeks to discuss how the role is progressing, joint projects and how the CC support the work of each schools Ethos group. 5mins
Slide 2- Introduction to each other by playing ‘Knowing me, knowing you’ game. JP to explain the game. (JP will have already taken a full set of knowing me, knowing you cards to each school.) Spend 10mins playing the game.
Slide 3- introduction into chaplaincy and what they think it is. Spend 10 minutes writing ideas on a post it notes. Mention that when they see the camera icon they need to photograph their post it notes. Discuss the ideas they have and come up with.
Slide 4-  JP to send the role/ job description to the lead teacher in each school before the session. JP to go through each of the aims on the Trust rational and ask the children to write one idea on a post it note for one or the two of the aims.  10 mins
In our Trust and schools, the role of the Children’s Chaplain is as follows;
* To support the school to be a community of faith.
* To support pupils to live and grow their faith day by day.
* To support the school’s Ethos, developing healthy relationships between all faiths and communities.
* To promote plan, deliver and articulate the impact of worship.
* To promote plan and deliver prayer activities, including prayer spaces, contributing to the prayer life of the school.
* To be servant leaders through pastoral support, fundraising and social action projects.
* To be courageous advocates.
* To promote positive mental health for all, offering support and guidance.
* To monitor the impact of class reflection areas.
* To support Ethos Teams and senior leaders to gather evidence of the impact of the school’s Christian Ethos.
* To support the school’s delivery of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.
* Being present at whole school and Trust events.
* To support local churches, mosques, temples and other places of worship.
Children’s Chaplain email -
Slide 5- Discuss any worries or anxieties. Ground rules for working with each other and with other children and adults. Discuss safeguarding in an age appropriate way. Record ground rules and repeat at each session.
How to manage other children/ adults
Valuing and respecting others
Supporting others appropriately – safeguarding not there to keep secrets etc.
Behavioral issues model appropriate behaviours rather than act as a teacher. If there are an issues speak to their lead CC teacher.
* Make a poster for each school with ground rules on ready for session 2.
Team building activity to finish – 2 mins