Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 2
Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 2
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Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 2

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Childrens Chaplains


Week 2

Leading Worship

Week 2

 Leading Worship and videoing small worship sessions for the trust Ethos website.

JP to deliver a set of diamond 9 cards and copies of Bishop Bridgeman Ethos groups guide to worship booklet as a starting point for discussion.
Slide 1+2+3- Share ground rules established last week. Discuss last weeks Gap task. (10 mins)
Slide 4- Need a photograph of each Children’s Chaplain for the website.
Introduce the children briefly to the new Trust Ethos Website. (2 mins)
Slide 5-  Short team building activity to begin. JP to have delivered a set of diamond 9 cards to each school before the session. The discussions about the values are the key to this activity. Photograph each school’s diamond 9. (5 mins)
Slide 6+7- So…. What is worship. 5 mins to explore this on post it notes and record ideas. The quote “To worship is to acknowledge God’s worth in acts of praise as well as in daily life.” This quote fits us, as it applies to all our school communities. Discuss worship in our schools being Christian in foundation but inclusive to other faiths. We put faith and spiritual development at the heart of the curriculum. The life of our schools is developed around an explicit commitment to Christian values and ethos. (5 mins)
When we plan and deliver, the best place to start is with God. We think about how we worship God, ways to develop our relationship with God, the word of God through the bible and other stories, spiritual awareness, how to develop a sense of community. We ask the question how does worship impact on our daily lives. We look for ways to develop shared values, ways to explore our individual beliefs and experience prayer.
Slide 8- What do we need to include in our collective worship. (10 mins) to brainstorm the elements that the children think should be included in every act of worship.
- objective
- teaching focus
- spiritual development
- reflection time
- evaluation
Slide 9 – Windows, Mirrors and Doors – BB chaplains to lead.
Let’s think about the value of peace. The mirror represents looking inside of yourself. Look into the mirror, look inside yourself. Think of a time when you have had an argument with someone. How did you feel inside? When you feel like this we need God’s peace. What values could you use to make peace in the situation? (love, forgiveness, friendship and honesty.) The window represents looking out into the world. Think of a time that you have helped restore peace with others, what did you do? (acted as a mediator, showed people all view points and valued everyone). The door represents looking ahead in life, travelling on a new path.
As you walk through the door, think of how you can be an ambassador of peace to your school and community? (volunteer, supporting and helping others, model the right behaviour.)
Slide 10 – Discussion about reflection time. Getting over the awkwardness of just being still and allowing others to reflect and just be.
BB chaplains Prayer to end – ask St Max chaplains to prepare a prayer to end next week.