Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 3
Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 3
Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 3
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Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 3

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Childrens Chaplains


Week 3

Leading Prayer

Week 3

  Leading prayer/ prayer activities and prayer spaces
Slide 1- 5 mins to feedback on each others short act of worship. Feedback from other children and adults in schools on the impact of the worship. Discuss recording of their impact in evidence/ scrap book.
Slide 2+3- Introduction into this week, leading prayer. Link to the Children’s Chaplains aims in roles and responsibilities. (5mins)
Slide 4+5- Brainstorm answering the questions on post it notes and feeding back for discussion.
- how do people pray?
- why do we pray?
- is there a right way to pray?
- how do children’s chaplains support prayer in school?
- who is responsible for prayer activities in school? discuss where ethos groups and prayer space leaders fit into the structure.
- where do we pray? (15mins)
Slide 6- Prayer spaces and prayer buckets/ activities
Discussion of providing and supporting Ethos groups with prayer activities in the current climate of working in year group bubbles due to Covid-19. The importance of the Trust Ethos website as we can upload prayer activities for children and adults to carry out in school and at home. Physical prayer spaces are more difficulty at the moment due to Covid-19.
Discuss prayer space leaders who are responsible for providing prayer activities. Children’s Chaplains are a support for prayer space leaders.
JP to work in schools with prayer space leaders in each year group.
Slide 7- How can we measure impact of our work? Discuss and then share impact sticky note. JP to deliver post it notes to each school and master copy electronically.
Quick Team building activity to end- if you were a chocolate bar which one would it be and why?
St Max chaplains Prayer to end – ask St James chaplains to prepare a prayer to end next week.