Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 5
Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 5
Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 5
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Children's Chaplains Training Course Week 5

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Childrens Chaplains


Week 5

Spiritual Development, Mental Health and Emotional Health

Week 5 

Supporting spiritual development, mental health support, emotional health
Slide 1 – Feedback from last week’s gap task (5 mins)
Slide 2+3- Explore what we mean by spirituals development
It is important to look at what makes us human, looking at our imagination, expression, curiosity and how comfortable we are with ourselves as well as others.
Exploring spiritual development, we should allow children to ask questions, how ever big or small. No question is a silly question. Reflection, prayer and worship are a vital tools to use in spiritual development. They provide a safe space, belonging and time to think through how we feel and how we respond to the world around us. We live our our core Christian values everyday, in all that we do. Our values provide the building blocks for our spiritual development, supporting us in the WOW moments of our lives and the OWmoments too! The relationships we have with other children and adults are really important in our spiritual development as we explore what it means to trust others, love others and develop friendships with others. We learn to forgive and hope to be forgiven and think about the responsibility we have when others put their trust in us. In our schools we have a safe, loving environment to explore, make mistakes and learn! (10 mins)
Slide 4- Through spiritual development we learn to believe we can do anything! Just spend 30 seconds looking at the picture of the kitten do you see a tiger! There are times when we all have to be brave! Either in a difficult situation or being thrown into something that is out of our comfort zone!
Through spiritual development we can explore what makes us whole, the bit of us we can’t see. Here is an activity using doughnuts to think about the bit of us we can’t see. The doughnut represents you as a person, mind and body, the part of you that can be seen. The hole in the middle represents the part of you that cannot be seen, the inner you or spirit. If you take a doughnut and think of all the things that make up the ‘hole’ i.e. the things that are important to you, the things that make your life happy and the things that you believe in. JP to ensure there are fresh doughnuts in each school the morning of the session. (15 mins)
Slide 5- Feedback and discussion of responses. (10 mins)
Slide 6- Gap Task for next week’s session. (5 mins)
Canon Chris/ KB or JP
Prayer to end